Zita hanging out in Megatrip Central.  Ghost Rider art I did over the weekend (process blog HERE)

Zita here megatrip Central.

Zita, soaking up rays.

Zita, exploring.

oh yeah, I’ve got a bunch of old Shepard Fairey posters from the “old days” — do I sell them off?

Zita is all snuggled in here @Megatrip Central.

trying to put some of the prints I’ve collected over years into the flat files that I bought last summer.  just doing a few a day…

I’m on a picture hanging spree — this Coop piece has been sitting around, wrapped in plastic for more than a decade.  now it hangs behind my tv.

well, it’s only taken about two years to get this framed and hung - but I can cross “hang that damn Max Capacity print” off my to-do list!

ZITA — IMG_9707.jpg


ZITA, IMG_4138.jpg

#Megatrip Studios.

my place, circa 2012.