#selling everything I own

I tried to get Geof Darrow to do a similar commission - a ninja dj decapitating headz with vinyl lp’s — he seemed totally down with it when I talked to him a t Boston Comic Con a few years ago - gave me his email, told me to contact him, etc — but he never got back to me from there…

Geof Darrow.

Deadpool #3, Geof Darrow.

Geof Darrow, Deadpool.

I’m going to have to start buying Deadpool comics just for the Geof Darrow covers.

Geof Darrow, Day 2 - Boston Comic Con 2012 (my pal Al’s photos!)

Geof Darrow at Boston Comic con 2012.

Geof Darrow signing a couple prints I bought from him, here at Boston Comic Con 2009!!

Hard Boiled #3 - March, 1992
Story: Frank Miller
Art: Geof Darrow