Ikkyu by Hisashi Sakaguchi

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Celebrating 20 Years Of Brit Pop! By Chris Weston

Perp #1: “Hey, Now, (What’s The Story?), it’s only Cigarettes & Alcohol!”

Dredd: “It’s A Crime.”

"But - I’m a Rock And Roll Star!”

"Button it, punk - do you think you’re going to Live Forever?”


"Less of the lip, sonny! Control: two for the cubes, litany of crimes, drugs, cigarettes, lewd behaviour (possibly engaging services of prostitutes - check the girls, too) - seemed to want to go out in some kinda Shampagne supernova! Sentence to be determined, after we’ve checked for criminal records back in Brit-Cit!”

Perp #2: “Some Might Say, we’re Heroes!”

Dredd: “Listen Up, I Can Tell A Liar..

"Perps are on a holding post on the corner of Gallagher & Albarn, there’s a couple of Brits that need to be popped!

"Hey,creeps, Stop Crying Your Hearts Out - and Don’t Look Back In Anger, either!”

Perps #1&2 (whispering: “And yew said, ‘Let’s go ta Mega-City-frigging-One, and make ah fortunes!" "Shut it, our kid!

Sincerest apopolgies to Chris Weston & a certain ’90s “Brit Pop" band, for all my terrible puns -I don’t think our current crop of script droids have anything to worry about!!

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my old Ninja Tune t-shirt.

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An old floppy disc c/o DJ Food! One from the NInja archives…

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The ladies of PRISON BREAK COMICS (1952).

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